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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Praying for the Killer

The White House press release on the now-authorized military execution says: "The President’s thoughts and prayers are with the victims of these heinous crimes and their families and all others affected.”  If the president is going to bring in his perspective as a person of prayer -- Christian prayer, we know -- shouldn't he say clearly that his prayers are also with Gray, the convicted murderer?  "All others affected" could literally cover that but obviously doesn't suggest it (probably it's meant to suggest, among others, Gray's family).  Saying it clearly would be a crazy, Christian act by a president who often suggests that he is resolute in applying Christian faith in office.  If it's imprudent to say it clearly, then shouldn't "the President's thoughts and prayers" be left out altogether, lest he reinforce all of us in our natural tendency to pray only for the good people?  (This is all separate, of course, from whether executions should happen ever or how often.)


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