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Monday, June 30, 2008

Churches and Sprawl

Eduardo raises some interesting questions in his post, "Churches and Sprawl."  Among other things, he asks:

Would it make sense for the Church to impose a moratorium on opening new suburban parishes in an effort to avoid encouraging Catholics to move out to places where they are guaranteed to spend a lot of time driving?

As Eduardo himself notes, I suspect that, in the Catholic case, parishes are following people.  And, once Catholics are in the suburbs, it would be kind of, well, un-Catholic to tell them that they have to drive to "their" parishes for the sacraments.  Still, I'm a partisan for cities, and think the Church *does* have a role to play here.  It will not likely surprise any MOJ readers to learn that, in my view, the Church could help reduce sprawl by investing in urban Catholic schools.


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