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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Pope and the Would-Be Presidents

I agree with Michael, certainly, that it is "worth pondering" Mr. Nichols'  suggestion that President Bush "might want to listen to what this particular pope has to say about global warming, fighting poverty and, above all, promoting peace", and should not merely use this visit to "bask in the papal glow."  Does Mr. Nichols think -- if he doesn't, I think it is worth pondering why he does not -- that Sen. Obama, etc., (who issued a gracious welcome message to the Pope) ought not to merely "bask in the papal glow" (around his own environmental proposals, for example) and should, instead, "listen to what this particular pope has to say about" prioritizing an abortion-on-demand regime that cannot even admit of a ban on partial-birth abortion or a requirement to save children who manage to survive abortions?


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