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Friday, April 4, 2008

Fr. Neuhaus on "Civilizing Authority"

A little while back, Fr. Neuhaus generously wrote the following in First Things:  "Lexington Books has just published a volume called Civilizing Authority: Society, State, and Church. Edited by Patrick McKinley Brennan, it is a collection of essays written in response to Arendt’s claim [about the disappearance of authority]. Each is worth reading."  As so often happens, I find myself in agreement with Father. 

I hope you'll treat yourself and others to a copy or two here or elsewhere.  In addition to the foreword by H. Jefferson Powell, it includes chapters by Cardinal Dulles, Joseph Vining, Michael J. White, Glenn Tinder, John Coons, Thomas Kohler, Russell Hittinger, J. Budziszewski, Steven Smith, and Brennan.


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