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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Divorce Issue re. Wheaton Professor

From Christianity Today online:

After refusing to discuss the details of his divorce, tenured professor Kent Gramm resigned from his English position at [evangelical] Wheaton College.

Wheaton’s faculty handbook states that the college will consider employee retention “when there is reasonable evidence that the circumstances that led to the final dissolution of the marriage related to desertion or adultery on the part of the other partner."

But Gramm declined to discuss details. “None of Your Business” headlined Monday’s Chicago Sun-Times front-page story.

Wheaton apparently followed the rule it had in place.  But the comments section includes interesting thoughts on what the rule should be, for example:

Christians are often accused of being inconsistent in discussing family issues--i.e., how can you be vocal on homosexuality but silent on no-fault divorce? Opposing no-fault divorce is one step toward consistency and one step away from hypocrisy. I think firing Christian professors who do not defend their life choices is one way to make that statement.


Yes, they should fire the divorcing person as long as they fire everyone else who commits a sin or makes a mistake.



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