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Monday, April 14, 2008

Another St. Thomas Speaker Kerfuffle

There is developing blogosphere commentary over the recent decision by a University of St. Thomas administrator to reject an April 21 on-campus speaking event with Star Parker, pro-life activist, who would speak about "the harmful impact of abortion, especially in minority communities."  The speech would have been sponsored by the University's Students for Human Life and the conservative Young America's Foundation.  From everything I can tell, this is another misguided decision by University administration to reject a speaker based on greatly exaggerated fears about disturbances, or about inflammatory speech that might be inconsistent with the University's mission.  (See here, e.g., for a statement last fall criticizing the University's decision, later reversed, to refuse an invitation to Abp. Tutu -- who coincidentally spoke in the Twin Cities last Friday at the event in question, which in the end was not held at St. Thomas.)  Hopefully, criticisms of this decision, as of that one, will lead to a reversal.



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