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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Deadly Medicine

My daughter and I visited the Science Museum of Minnesota yesterday.  (A very cool science museum, by the way, for children of all ages.)  The museum is currently home to a circulating exhibit organized by the United States Holocause Memorial Museum, Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race.  The exhibit details the development of Germany's efforts to "cleanse" itself of those viewed to be a "biological threat" to the its growth and prosperity.  One horrifying example of what proceeds from a failure to recognize that each human person has a dignity that comes from our creation in the image of God.  And, although there are obviously differences between what occurs by power of the government and what occurs by individual choice, it is hard to look at this and not think about decisions being made today in various ways about what lives are worth living.

I have posted more about the exhibit and my reactions on my blog here.  I highly recommend a visit to the exhibit.  For those in the Twin Cities area, it will be at the Science Museum here until May 4; future sites can be found here.


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