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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christian Legal Theory conference in NYC

Readers might be interested in an upcoming one-day conference, to be held on January 5 in New York City, on Christian Legal Theory co-sponsored by the Law Professors' Christian Fellowship and the Lumen Christi Institute (an academic institute based at the University of Chicago).

Speakers include First Things' Richard John Neuhaus and Harvard's Bill Stuntz on "What's Right and Wrong with the Christian Right," Vanderbilt's Carol Swain and Oklahoma's Michael Scaperlanda on "Christian Responses to Immigration Reform," and Notre Dame's Paolo Carrozza, Pepperdine's Roger Alford and NYU's Jeremy Waldron on "Christian Perspectives on International Institutions."  Lastly, Judge Michael McConnell will deliver an address with the provocative title "Asking Muslims to be Moderate."

For more info, go here.


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