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Friday, October 26, 2007

Dreher on Mukasey, and what the country can afford

As Michael notes, I have often linked to Rod Dreher's writings, particularly his "crunchy con" stuff.  With respect to Dreher's recent statement that he "was appalled to hear the judge say that the president has the right to decide which laws he’s going to obey, under certain circumstances":  For more on what Mukasey actually said, in the exchange to which Dreher refers, and on the question whether what he endorsed would actually constitute an "expan[sion] of executive authority," go here.  (For more on the -- to me -- frustrating unwillingess or inability of Mukasey to concede that waterboarding is "torture", go to the Balkinization blog.)

Dreher also writes, as Michael notes, "[t]his country cannot afford an attorney general who believes that executive power should be expanded so greatly."  Maybe not.  Dreher also believes, I am confident, that "this country cannot countenance an attorney general who believes that the Constitution removes from the reach of democratic politics the question whether elected representatives have the authority to regulate partial-birth abortion."  We'll see . . .


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