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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Catholic Social Thought class

So, I'm working on the syllabus and readings for a seminar, "Law and the Catholic Social Tradition," that I'll be teaching at the University of Chicago Law School in the Spring quarter.  That quarter, as I understand it, is only 8 weeks long, and our class is scheduled to meet once a week (with an additional special get-together with Cardinal George).  So, with only 8 meetings, I'm wrestling with what to cover, what to read, and what to emphasize.

It seems to me -- and I would very much welcome reactions -- that it would not be best to, say, pick 8 important encyclicals and do one per week.  I'm more inclined to identify leading themes, or particularly salient problems, and focus on those.  Here's what I'm working with right now:

1.  Introduction to basic themes; historical context (French Revolution through Leo XIII). 

2.  The Nature, Role, and Problem of the State.

3.   The Structure of Society (subsidiarity).

4.  Individuals, Markets. Community, and Solidarity.

5.   Religous Freedom, Pluralism, Conscience.

6.  Prudence, Politics, and Legal Moralism

7. The Family as a Social Institution

8.  Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, Internationalism, and Patriotism.

Thoughts?  Reactions?  Suggestions?


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