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Friday, September 29, 2006

"Voting God's Politics"

Sojourner magazine’s “Voting God’s Politics” [sic/k] voter guide is not pro-life re abortion. It never says abortion is killing or injustice or betrayal or violence, or destructive of human equality and dignity, etc.. At best, it hides the truth about abortion.

Abortion seems like a lesser evil that people are virtually forced to choose because we don’t help them out enough, maybe like parents not giving their kids nutritious breakfasts before school. We must provide “meaningful alternatives” and “necessary supports,” to use the words of the voters’ guide. All of which are great, but insufficient to express the mortal danger presented to us by the culture of death.

Moreover, the first thing “God” wants is to “reduce the abortion rate by preventing unwanted pregnancies.” As I’ve said before, that’s like urging “Let’s reduce the amount of racist violence against Mexicans by sealing the borders and thus reducing the number of Mexicans who can be violated.”

The contraception/border-fence strategy may not itself count as violence, but it certainly expresses hostility to children and Mexicans. So I don’t see how it can help us build up a culture of life. (I’m not saying that all forms of contraception must be opposed, but it’s ludicrous to trumpet it as something pro-life, just like it’d be ludicrous to trumpet the border fence as something pro-Mexican.)

As for euthanasia of the severly disabled, I could not find a word spoken against it. So it’s the kind of guide Michael Schiavo and his buddies might like to distribute in their political campaigning.


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