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Monday, August 28, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI corrects Katherine Harris

Well, sort of.  Katherine Harris's stupid statement about electing Christians -- aside:  why is it so hard for people who believe, as I do, that faith and public life are not and cannot be compartmentalized to avoid falling into the "separation of church and state is a myth" trap -- reminded me of this, from then-Cardinal Ratzinger's Salt of the Earth.  After observing that, in fact, it was Christianity that brought the separation of Church and state into the world, he continues:

“Until then the political constitution and religion were always united.  It was the norm in all cultures for the state to have sacrality in itself and be the supreme protector of sacrality. . . .  Christianity did not accept this but deprived the state of its sacral nature.  . . . In this sense, this separation is ultimately a primordial Christian legacy and also a decisive factor for freedom.  Thus, the state is not itself a sacred power but simply an order that finds its limits in a faith that worships, not the state, but a God who stands over against it and judges it.”


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