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Monday, August 28, 2006

More on Georgetown

Rick's follow-up to Rob's post on this subject assumes that similar policies are in place regarding outside Catholic ministries and also quotes the First Things article suggesting that the decision was made in the name of the Catholic tradition of Georgetown. 

As to the first, it appears that the change in policy is one that affects only the affiliated Protestant ministries operating at Georgetown, not any Catholic ones.  (Having said that, I have no first-hand knowledge of what, if any outside Catholic ministries operate at Georgetown.) 

As to the second, there is no suggestion in the letter sent to the affiliated Protestant ministires announcing the policy that the decision had anything to do with adherence to Catholic tradition; it appears to be more an issue of how Protesant Ministry will be conducted at the University.  Scrolling to the bottom of the attached link will give you a link to a pdf file with a copy of the letter. 

The linked article suggests that the decision is about "a desire in the Protestant Chaplaincy to build the ministry from within Georgetown and its Protestant student leaders rather than rely on outside groups or fellowships.”  There may be more to it than that, but whatever that is does not appear to be about Catholic mission.


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