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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Doctrine of Double Effect, Etc.

While at a gathering in Dublin this week (with MOJ-friends Gerry Whyte, Chris Eberle, and others), I had occasion to read a book by the Trinity College Dublin professor of theology who organized the gathering, Nigel Biggar.  The book is titled Aiming to Kill:  The Ethics of Suicide and Euthanasia (2004).  I want to call to the attention of MOJ-readers chapter 3 of the book:  "The Morality of Acts of Killing".   Chris Eberle, who also read the book, and I agree that Professor Biggar provides, in chapter 3, an admirably accessible and wonderfully thoughtful discussion of the doctrine of double effect, dealing with several competing positions. One of the best discussions of the DDE we've ever read.  Click here for a link to the book.


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