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Friday, April 28, 2006

Steve Colbert, redux

A few months ago, I blogged about Steve Colbert's interview with Terry Gross, of "Fresh Air."  Here's Ann Althouse, talking about Colbert's recent fun with hipster atheist Sam Harris.  And, here's more from Ambivablog:

[T]here's at least a double twist of irony here, if not a veritable dobos torte or puff pastry of sincerity and parody. Colbert is something far more subtle than a fundamentalist, but on some level he means what he's saying, and is making fun of himself for meaning it by impersonating a fundamentalist's absurdly over-the-top way of saying it. No wonder Harris is baffled: it's impossible to tell where Colbert is really coming from. If you assumed he was mocking religion itself and therefore agreed with you, you'd fall into a trap.

By contrast, Harris seemed very literal-minded, plodding and straight-ahead. If you assumed the rationalists were the smart ones, all I can say is -- watch out.


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