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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Business Executives and Gay Marriage

Over time, we may see this argument increasingly split the business wing of the Republican Party from the cultural-conservative wing on the issue of same-sex marriage.

Earlier this month, more than 50 executives - in advertising, public relations, marketing and related fields - sent a letter to [Minnesota] Gov. Tim Pawlenty and the Legislature, warning that the proposed [state marriage] amendment could drive away talent from Minnesota. . . .

The argument, advanced in some other states [and in books by business theorist Richard Florida], is that there is a "creative class'' of talented workers, straight and gay, who are a driving force in the economy and seek out vibrant communities that are tolerant of differences.

Some of those who support the gay marriage ban reject the argument.

"Minnesota is such a fabulous state to live and work, it's a stretch to think people would choose not to live in Minnesota because our laws continue to reflect that marriage is between a man and a woman,'' said state Sen. Michele Bachmann, who has led the fight for the amendment.



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