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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Contraception and Population

I was reading Grisez's "Way of the Lord Jesus" today in preparation for Thursday evening's Natural Law Colloquium at Fordham.  (Here's my shameless plug:  Jean Porter is going to come to discuss her work as it relates to the controversy over gay marriage; Charles Reid will be coming from St. Thomas Law School to respond; I'll also be responding.  It starts at 6pm in Fordham Law School's amphitheater.).  Anyway, I was reading Grisez, and he makes the point that encouraging contraception for the purpose of avoiding overpopulation is not permissible.  My question is this (I know this sounds sarcastic, but I ask it in all sincerity and am interested in being pointed towards the appropriate resources):  Is there any community (of substantial size -- something like a country or tribe -- Ave Maria township does not count :-) ) that has achieved population stability in the absence of either high mortality or the widespread use of contraception?  In other words, is anyone aware of any data that any community has ever achieved population stability through the collective exercise of sexual self-control? 


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