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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Church-State Law "Top Ten List"

Here, courtesy of Professor Friedman's invaluable Religion Clause blog, are the "top ten" church-state / free exercise developments:

1. Supreme Court rules on 10 Commandments displays.
2. Intelligent Design is at center of public controversy.
3. Supreme Court nominees are scrutinized over their 1st Amendment religion views.
4. The "Christmas wars" heat up-- "holiday" vs. "Christmas".
5. Government funding of faith-based organizations remains controversial.
6. Proselytization at the Air force Academy creates controversy.
7. RLUIPA is upheld as constitutional by Supreme Court and lower courts.
8. Courts strike down sectarian legislative prayers.
9. Christian student groups demand university recognition: non-discrimination vs. free exercise.
10. Accommodation of Muslim religious beliefs and practices increases.

I would add, "Catholic clergy-sex-abuse scandal prompts various interferences, or proposed interferences, with the Church's independence."



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