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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Non-AALS DC Conference

Every year the Law Professors' Christian Fellowship sponsors a conference during the AALS annual meeting. Last year's confab in San Francisco was on the topic of "Taking Christian Legal Thought Seriously."  This year's will be held in DC on Saturday January 7 from 1130am to 600pm at the Washington Hilton at 1919 Connecticut Ave, and will be co sponsored once again by the Lumen Christi Institute. I assume you can register at the door for the $35 fee, which covers lunch. The first panel, which begins at 100pm, is entitled "The Faithful Judge: How Can a Judge Be Faithful to Both Christ and the Law?". The speakers are John Garvey (BC), Ken Starr (Pepperdine) and Steffen Johnson (US Office of Legal Counsel), and the moderator is yours truly. The second panel is at 315pm on the topic of "A Christian and Legal Response to Katrina: Race, Environment and the Role of Government." The speakers are John Nagle (ND), Vince Rougeau (ND), Rob Vischer (St.T), and the moderator is Amy Barrett (ND).  I hasten to point out that three of the speakers/mods are present or past MOJ-ers. Kudos to John Breen (another MOJ vet), Bob Cochran and John Nagle for putting together this interesting program. This program is open to all (with $35!), regardless of whether you are attending the AALS.



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