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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Recent Survey on Views of American Catholics

According to a survey conducted by National Catholic Reporter shortly after the election of Pope Benedict XVI, the most important issues to American Catholics are helping the poor and belief in the resurrection (84%).  Dean Hoge, one of the resarchers who conducted the study observed that the findings "are similar to the findings of earlier studies except that in the past the sacraments were usually in first place ahead of helping the poor...We consider it noteworthy that helping the poor is held in such central importance by American Catholics." In contrast, Hage observes that most American Catholics appear to view teachings on, e.g., celibacy and issues such as death penalty, abortion and same-sex marriage as "more optional than essential." The Reuters report of the survey is here.  (The report notes that the survey is at ncronline.org, but I couldn't easily locate it.)


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