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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Catholic Public Officials, again

In doing some recent research on the "Papal Diplomacy and International Organizations" series that I am co-authoring, I came across an interesting statement credited to President John F. Kennedy when he participated in the Centennial Celebration at Boston College on April 20, 1963. It places his Houston/Baptist pre-election speech that has been previously addressed by other MOJ participants in context. The President was an astute politician who likely chose to address audiences on friendly terms. Having said this, his remarks made as President at Boston College stand in contrast to his remarks to the Protestant ministers as candidate for President. In commenting on the recently released Papal Encyclical Pacem in Terris, the President said at Boston College: "As a Catholic, I am proud of it, and as an American I have learned from it." In his further remarks on the encyclical's "penetrating analysis," the President continued by saying "that document surely shows that on the basis of one great faith and its tradition there can be developed counsel on public affairs that is of value to all men and women of good will." Maybe the wall of separation is porous after all...    RJA sj


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