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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Welcome to Helen Alvare

I am happy to announce yet another terrific addition to the MOJ blogistas. Helen Alvare joins us today from the law faculty at Catholic, where she teaches courses in family law and legislation. She also brings to us as her outstanding experience in both the general counsel's and pro-life offices at the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. Please see her bio linked in the sidebar for more information about her. I had the good fortune to share a podium with Helen at St. Tom's recent conference on Pro-Life Progressivism where she presented a compelling paper on the significance of the Catholic conception of the family for social policy. Helen is one of those Catholic scholars who is thinking seriously about the implications of Catholic thought not just for the classic Church-State constitutional issues (not that those aren't important) but for rethinking other aspects of substantive law. Please join me in welcoming Helen to MOJ.



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