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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cloning research and nationalism

Eugene Volokh has some provocative thoughts about the possible role of "nationalism" in our discussion in the United States about regulating and / or funding so-called "therapeutic" cloning:

Americans like to lead the world, in science, in wealth, in influence. If people start flocking to Korea to get cured, if Koreans start getting the key patents and making billions from exploiting them (perhaps even in the U.S., but certainly in the rest of the world), and if other countries compete with Korea while the U.S. is left behind, will enough Americans really hold the line on their abstract moral principles to sustain an American funding ban? So while America's religious sensibilities may cut in favor of restrictions on therapeutic cloning (or at least restrictions on federally funding it), America's sense of its place in the world will cut against such restrictions.

I fear that Volokh is right.



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