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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Internet Debates

Further to Mark's post about the level of the discussion on Catholics and voting, MOJ readers might be interested in the results of a recently released Pew report. Contrary to fears that had been expressed by many that the internet would hurt democratic deliberation, the report concludes that the Internet has contributed to a wider awareness among those who use it.

"At a time when political deliberation seems extremely partisan and when people may be tempted to ignore arguments at odds with their views, internet users are not insulating themselves in information echo chambers. Instead, they are exposed to more political arguments than non-users. While all people like to see arguments that support their beliefs, internet users are not limiting their information exposure to views that buttress their opinions. Instead, wired Americans are more aware than non-internet users of all kinds of arguments, even those that challenge their preferred candidates and issue positions."



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