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Friday, July 11, 2014

A troubling development

The Boston Business Journal reports that Gordon Collegem a "Christian college on the North Shore[,] faces scrutiny from the body that accredits colleges and universities in New England."  This "scrutiny" is a result, according to the report, of the fact that "Gordon College President D. Michael Lindsay thrust the college into the spotlight a week ago by signing a letter to President Barack Obama requesting that he exclude religious institutions from an executive order barring organizations that take federal money from discrimination in hiring based on sexual orientation."

Why might this be, as I suggest, troubling?  Because, as this post describes, "the federal government relies on accrediting agencies to decide which colleges qualify for the $157 billion of federal funding provided annually to colleges and universities[.]"  Those who care about institutional pluralism and diversity should be concerned that a college President's request that a coming policy change take account of religious freedom results in such a not-so-subtle threat of punishment.


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