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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Francis, Benedict, and MacIntyre

I enjoyed this essay, by John Haldane, called "Francis, Benedict, and MacIntyre," which is up at Ethika Politica.  Here is a taste:

MacIntyre shares with Benedict and Francis three central beliefs: first, that contemporary Western culture is at sea when it comes to thinking about the foundations of morality; second, that it is characterised by a pervasive relativism; and third, that this relativism is not only “cognitive” but is also affective and practical.

I want to end this short discussion by suggesting that there is a fourth belief that unites the Popes and the philosopher . . .

The fourth belief is that to persuade those with whom one is in wholesale disagreement about the nature and content of morality it is not enough simply to state one’s position, or even to argue rationally for it; one has also to expose the confusions and contradictions involved in the thought of the other side. . . .


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