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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

One step back, 26 miles forward, for people with developmental disabilities

Earlier this year I posted about the recent lawsuit brought by a group of people with developmental disabilities against a state facility in Cambridge, Minnesota, for illegal use of restraints and seclusion.  Though the plaintiffs won that lawsuit, they don't seem to have won the fight to end these practices.  The court-appointed monitor in that case just filed a report with the court finding that these practices persist, even in a progressive state like Minnesota, in the enlighted year of 2013, under the public glare of this litigation.  That's the one step back. 

But then, in New York City, Jimmy Jensen just successfully completed the NY Marathon -- the first person with Down Syndrome to do so!  If you want to be really impressed by something you see on the internet, watch this story about him (HT: Rick -- thanks!)


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