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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Stroll through "Law" in the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church

The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church seems as good a place as any to start in understanding and appreciating the richness of Catholic teaching about human positive law. One glance at its analytical index reveals that an important part of that project is understanding the relationship of human positive law to other types. For there are many kinds of law.

The analytical index contains more than 60 entries underneath the heading of "Law" and also includes cross-references to the headings for "International Law" and "Natural Law," which together contain 25 entries. The entries for each of these headings are pasted in below the jump.

In the coming months, I hope to take advantage of the episodic nature of blog posts to take a stroll through the Compendium's statements about law. I propose to progress linearly from beginning to end of the Compendium, linking to each index entry in numerical order. My own commentary will be light. But perhaps things worth singling out for a closer look will come into view on this stroll. This piecemeal approach has many limitations,but lacking the capacity at present to present the whole as a whole, I aim to lay out some pieces. (For those who may be uninterested, these posts will be easy to identify and skip. Their titles will all follow the format: "CSDC [#]: [index entry].") 


Social doctrine and the new law of love, 3
The law of the sabbatical year and of the jubilee year, 24
The commandment of love, law of life, 33
Quest for truth and tablets of the law, 40
Autonomy of earthly realities and their own laws, 45
Love, fundamental law of perfection, 54, 580
Law and the economy of salvation, 62
The Church, human communities and divine law, 68
Social doctrine, philosophy and law, 77
Quadragesimo Anno
 and moral law, 91
New social order and law, 93
Pope Pius XII and the relation between morality and law, 93
Freedom and moral law, 136, 137
Natural law, 140
Natural law and common principles, 141
Natural law and civil law, 142
Principles and relations mediated by law, 161
Social doctrine, institutions and laws, 163
Universal law and the use of goods, 172
Structures of solidarity and laws, 193
Sexual identity and positive law, 224
Homosexual persons and moral law, 228
Right to life and laws of the State, 231
Responsible parenthood and moral law, 232
Family rights and laws of the State, 247
Laws and recognition of Sunday, 286
The new law and hearts of believers, 324
The economy and moral law, 330
Economic laws and morality, 330
Human rights and positive law, 388
Authority and moral law, 396, 567
Authority, values and natural law, 397
Human law, right reason and eternal law, 398
Authority and unjust laws, 398
Conscientious objection and civil law, 399
Unjust laws and conscientious objection, 399
Practices in contrast with God's law, 399
Right to resistance, purposes and laws, 400
Natural law and positive law, 400
Inflicting punishment and the State ruled by law, 402
Democracy and the State ruled by law, 406, 408
Democracy, ethical relativism and moral law, 407
Effects and drafting of laws, 409
Information, pluralism and laws, 414
Relations between peoples and regulation by law, 433
Law and guarantee of international order, 434
The international order and moral law, 436
Natural law and the internal law of States, 437
War, the law of force and the force of law, 437
Primacy of law and mutual confidence, 439
International law and the law of the stronger, 439
Authority of the international community and law, 441
War, conscientious objectors and laws, 503
The military and crimes against the law of nations, 503
The right to use force and humanitarian law, 504
Anthropology and the law of love, 522
Life of holiness and the law of the Lord, 530
Social doctrine, Christian spirit and laws, 531
The media and law, 560
Laws and the content of faith and of morality, 570
Law and the content of faith and of morality, 571
The Gospel, the person and human law, 576


Foundations of international law, 157
International law and respecting States, 157
International law and the law of the stronger, 439
The military and international humanitarian law, 503
Use of force and international humanitarian law, 504
Civil populations and international humanitarian law, 505
Disarming the aggressor and international law, 506
Terrorism and international humanitarian law, 513
The Church and the function of international law, 516


The Ten Commandments and natural law, 22
Human action and natural law, 37
Social relationships and natural law, 53
Natural law and creatures of God, 53
Doctrinal principles and natural law, 89
Pope Pius XII and natural law, 93
Natural moral law, 140
Natural law, rights and duties of the person, 140
Universality of natural moral law, 142
Human society, natural law and duties, 156
Right to use goods and natural law, 172
Natural law and sexual identity, 224
Work, family life and natural law, 294
Human values and natural law, 397
The right to resistance and natural law, 400
International law and natural law, 437






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Professor Walsh, thank you and Godspeed!

Posted by: Nancy | Sep 3, 2013 7:30:14 PM

Great idea, Kevin. Thanks for doing this! FWIW, you should send out your strollings on Twitter, too!

Posted by: Rick Garnett | Sep 4, 2013 8:54:17 AM