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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Feast of St. Augustine

Today is the feast of St. Augustine (the patron saint, by the way, of brewers).  For thought:

“Ask the loveliness of the earth, ask the loveliness of the sea, ask the loveliness of
the wide airy spaces, ask the loveliness of the sky, ask the order of the
stars, ask the sun making the day light with its beams, ask the moon tempering
the darkness of the night that follows, ask the living things which move in the
waters, which tarry on the land, which fly in the air; ask the souls that are
hidden, the bodies that are perceptive; the visible things which must be
governed, the invisible things which govern – ask all these things, and they
will all answer thee, Lo, see we are lovely.  Their loveliness is their
confession.  And these lovely but mutable things, who has made them, save
beauty immutable?

(Augustine, Sermon 241)

And, from the breviary:

Those who teach others sound and sacred doctrine
Shine, say the Scriptures, as the stars of heaven.
Such is Augustine, shedding light unfailing
     Down through the ages.

City of Zion in the joys of heaven,
Praise the almighty Lord of true salvation,
Who led Augustine through such restless seeking
     Safe to your heaven.

Earnest defender of the faith he treasured,
Dauntlessly checking all attacks of error,
Morals and virtue grew in strength and luster
     From his clear teaching.

Vigilant pastor of your flock as bishop,
Light and example for both monks and clerics,
Pray for us always, so that God our Father
     Ever may bless us.

Praise to the Godhead, Trinity most holy,
Whose divine Essence formed your chosen study
Even while earth-bound, what must be your rapture
     Now in high heaven! Amen.


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