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Monday, July 1, 2013

Douthat on religious liberty and SSM

MOJ readers are probably aware that Tom Berg and I, along with some other legal scholars, have submitted letters to a number of state legislators urging them to include religious-freedom accommodations in laws that expand the legal definition of "marriage" to include same-sex couples.  (Matthew Franck is underwhelmed by these efforts.)  In any event, Ross Douthat touched on the issue, here, in his comments following the Supreme Court decisions last week.  He writes:

Unless something dramatic changes in the drift of public opinion, the future of religious liberty on these issues is going to depend in part on the magnanimity of gay marriage supporters — the extent to which they are content with political, legal and cultural victories that leave the traditional view of marriage as a minority perspective with some modest purchase in civil society, versus the extent to which they decide to use every possible lever to make traditionalism as radioactive in the America of 2025 as white supremacism or anti-Semitism are today . . . .

We'll see . . .


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