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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Political Theology for a Plural Age"

This collection, edited by Michael Jon Kessler, looks really interesting.  My friend, colleague, and neighbor Patrick Deneen has an essay in it called "The Great Combination: Modern Political Thought and the Collapse of the Two Cities."   Here's the blurb:

New challenges that emerged in the postwar era have given rise to ongoing debate about the place of religion in public life, in the United States and in other established democracies, and this debate has dramatically reshaped the way scholars, policymakers, and religious leaders think about political theology.
Political Theology for a Plural Age examines historic and contemporary
understandings of political engagement in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam,
engaging political theologies not merely as a set of theoretical concepts but as
religious beliefs and principles that motivate specific political action. The
essays in this volume, written by leading thinkers and practitioners within each
tradition and their secular counterparts, examine a number of core issues at the
intersection of religion and politics. They contest the definition of political
theology, establish a common discourse across the three Abrahamic traditions,
and closely examine how globalization, secularization, and pluralism affect the
construction and plausibility of political theologies. Finally, they offer
insight into how political theologies might adapt to the shared global
challenges of the twenty-first century.


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I like that it's available on Kindle. Much cheaper -- and I don't have to keep a light on when reading in bed at night! Thanks for the recommendation.

sean s.

Posted by: sean samis | May 8, 2013 3:52:07 PM