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Friday, May 10, 2013

Phenomenology of law

Legal Affinities: Explorations in the Legal Form of Thought is now available for purchase, and it's selling like hotcakes.  Don't miss out!  As previously mentioned, the book's eight chapters are studies of law's phenomenology inspired by the pathbreaking work of University of Michigan law professor Joseph Vining.  The chapters are by Joseph Vining, Jefferson Powell, Rev. John McCausland, James Boyd White, Jack Sammons, Judge Noonan, Steve Smith, and Patrick Brennan.  If you've never read Vining, let me suggest that you do yourself the favor of picking up a copy of his masterpiece From Newton's Sleep, about which Mary Ann Glendon said this:  "This original book by distinguished Michigan legal scholar Joseph Vining finds surprising treasures hidden in lawyers' ways of knowing.... He challenges with equal vigor the widely held notions that law can be reduced to processes and rules, or to power relations, or to meaningless signs and marks."


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