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Friday, April 19, 2013

John Connolly for Mayor of Boston

I would not normally post this sort of thing, but in light of the dreadful recent events in my dear hometown of Boston, as well as the special circumstances and merits of the case, I believe it to be worth an exception.

My close high school friend, John Connolly, is running for mayor of Boston.  John is at present a Boston City Councilor and his political focus to date has been on public education.  John's views have never been a spot-on match for mine: we were debating opponents all through school (law professor nerditude is inescapable) and I have many memories of strongly felt and argued disagreements which persist to this day.  But--or, I should say, And--there is much that I admire deeply about John, as a politician and as a man.  I am confident that he would be an excellent mayor for a city with rich traditions and tough, strong bones--that he has a powerful vision for its future and the character to lead it well.

For New York area residents, John is hosting an event on May 1 at Patrick Conway's Pub and Restaurant down in mid-town.  Write to me off-line if you might be interested in attending.


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