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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston 15 April 2013

As many of our readers will now know, a bit over 14 hours ago, at 2.50pm Wednesday, the 15th of April, two crude bombs detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  At the time of this writing, it is known that three people have perished, while 113 are wounded. 

Within mere seconds of the bombs' detonations, scores, then hundreds of people rushed straight to the sites without hesitation, pulling away iron barricades, tearing at yellow police tape, all to bring aid to those felled, injured, and in some cases dismembered or killed.  Along the street where this was all happening, flags from all nations flew atop poles alongside one another, representing the multitude of nations there likewise represented by a miraculously diverse array of runners.  As it happens, moreover, hundreds of these runners ran not for themselves or their nations alone, but for cause after cause to which donors had agreed to contribute in proportion to miles run. 

We really all are, it would seem, in this together.  The fact of it came across also - along now with understated competence and no-nonsense resolve - in the words, faces, and comportments of those officials addressing the inevitable media queries.  The Governor of Massachusetts, the Chief of Police, and sundry  additional federal, state, and local authorities all took questions together, all knowing precisely to whom among all in each case to direct the question - as if they all constituted one orchestra with a respected conductor.  A trauma surgeon at Mass General Hospital, though alone, handled questions exhaustively and with likewise quiet confidence.    

Experiencing all of this, you can't help but marvel at the solidarism and Stoicism of these great people of Boston, whether they be citizens for life or citizens for a day.  These are people worth not only praying for, but directly assisting as well, in any way we are able. 

I hope we might think of some ways here to do so.  

Thanks as ever,



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