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Thursday, March 21, 2013


I was among those who were most disappointed by Pope Benedict's abdication.  I am in no way disappointed by the preaching and living of the Gospel that I see here.  I am inspired by it, challenged by it, rebuked by it, encouraged by it.  Take fourteen minutes to watch the linked interview with the man who is now Pope Francis.  It's no wonder that "left" and "right" are scrambling to get their heads around what the Holy Spirit just gave the world in Pope Francis.  Pope Francis makes unmistakable -- as did Pope Benedict, in a slightly different idiom -- that everything must be subordinated to Christ.  Much has been said about Pope Francis's humility.  I do not doubt the depth and authenticity of his humility.  Pope Benedict's humility was masked by his fidelity to the Church visible, and for that sacrifice on his part I am deeply grateful.  No one who met Ratzinger on the street in Rome could doubt that his is a truly humble soul.    


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"Pope Francis makes unmistakable that everything must be subordinated to Christ."

And this is in great continuity to what we learned from Benedict XVI.

Posted by: CK | Mar 21, 2013 2:49:31 PM