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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Annicchino on "the Stars and Stripes Cardinals"

Over at CLR Forum, my friend Pasquale Annicchino has an interesting reflection on current interest in Italy in the "American model" of religion in the public square.  Here's a bit:

Why are American cardinals receiving so much attention? One obvious, and superficial, reason is that they are much more skilled, as compared to other cardinals, in communicating and establishing relationships with the media. But there is another factor. The United States’ ability to preserve a vocal religious presence in the public sphere has always raised interest and curiosity in Rome, and especially now, in a time when the secularization of Europe is growing at an unprecedented level. It is not to reveal a secret to say that Benedict XVI himself, on many occasions, expressed appreciation for the “American model,” a model in which religious arguments in the public sphere are heard and debated much more than in Europe.


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