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Friday, March 15, 2013

A Jesuit Pope called to "Go and Repair My House"

Two articles on Pope Francis that might be of interest to our readers. 

The President of Loyola Chicago writes in the Chronicle of Higher Education on "A Pope in the Jesuit Tradition," asking but not answering what the election of a Jesuit pope holds on store for "those of us who are Catholic educators and for our institutions." 

In, "Go and Repair My House" (Wall Street Journal), Peggy Noonan sees in Pope Francis a man who "loves the poor and not in an abstract way. He gave the cardinal's palace in Buenos Aires to a missionary order with no money. He lives in an apartment, cooks his food, rides the bus. He rejects pomposity. He does not feel superior. He is a fellow soul. ... The church's grandeur is beautiful, but Francis seems to be saying he himself won't be grand" as he attends to the task of repairing God's house.


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