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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reid's "Crossroads" claim

In a recent HuffPo piece, to which Michael Perry linked here, Chuck Reid re-presents the familiar (though not entirely warranted) complaint that the pro-life movement has, since 1980, mistakenly and counter-productively aligned itself with the "right wing" and all its unsavory aspects, thereby putting itself on a "wilderness road" to "irrelevance and isolation."  Certainly, Chuck is right that the pro-life movement is not well served by being connected -in fact or in people's minds -- to mean-spirited ignoramuses and blowhards (though such folks are plentiful all across the political spectrum).  Chuck says that "another way" is open, pointing back to 1976 (when there were still some prominent pro-life voices on the political left).  Chuck's narrative misses completely, though, an important part of the story:  It's not merely that the pro-life movement chose to align with the political right; it is that the political right in fact embraced (even if, in some cases, tepidly and tactically) while the political left chose to reject and purge the pro-life movement, and to align wholeheartedly with the cause of abortion rights. 


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