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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Michael Sean Winters is *almost* exactly right . . . and totally wrong (about Duke)

Over at Distinctly Catholic, my fellow college-hoops fan Michael Sean Winters is exactly right about this:

This is the best time of year. College basketball is on almost every night. And, this year, the level of competition is stunning. 

Unfortunately, he goes off the rails with this:

 This past weekend, #2 Duke lost to unranked Maryland. Anytime Duke loses is a good day to be alive. (Sorry Rick!) 

Now, let's put aside the fact (on this issue "there can be no debate") that the Maryland Terps (and their home-court fans) are classless louts who should wake up and apologize for imagining that they are the Duke Blue Devils' "rivals."  More important is the crucial fact that all good Catholics have a moral obligation to cheer for, and indeed to revere, Coach Mike K. and his team.  If anyone says otherwise, anathema sit.



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