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Friday, February 1, 2013

Cardinal Dolan: The Plan to Save Catholic Schools

In the WSJ, here.  A taste (which is relevant, I think, to Catholic universities as well):

[W]e won't back away from insisting that faith formation be part of our curriculum, even for non-Catholic students. As education expert Diane Ravitch has observed, "A large part of the Catholic schools' success derives from the fact that they are faith-based and that they sustain a sense of genuine community, as well as stability. To me, and I am not Catholic, the success of Catholic schools depends on maintaining their religious identity, that is, keeping the crucifixes in the classrooms as well as the freedom to speak freely about one's values."

Parents who are not Catholic often choose Catholic schools because of the institutions' moral grounding, not in spite of it. They know that Catholic-school graduates—Catholic and non-Catholic alike—make good citizens, involved in community service and committed to social justice. . . .


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