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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Baptist reflects on the retirement of our Augustinian Pope

Timothy George's Benedict XVI, the Great Augustinian, will be of interest to our readers.

He writes, in part:

Soon after Benedict emerged as the surprise choice of the most recent papal conclave in 2005, I wrote an essay on why Evangelical Protestants, among orthodox believers of all persuasions, should be pleased at his election. I summarized the promise of his new pontificate in five points. I emphasized that:

he takes truth seriously, an antidote to what he called on the eve of his papal election “the dictatorship of relativism”;

his theology is Bible-focused, building on the declaration of Vatican II that “easy access to sacred Scripture should be provided for all the Christian faithful”;

his message is Christocentric, boldly asserting that Jesus Christ is the divine Son of God and the only Redeemer of the world;

he is a fierce champion of the culture of life, advocating for the most vulnerable members of the human community, the children still waiting to be born.

To these four items I added a fifth: Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger is an Augustinian. Those familiar with his intellectual biography will find no surprise in this statement. As he himself noted, “I have developed my theology in a dialogue with Augustine.”


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