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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Abortion Debate


I was pleased to see some discussion of the abortion issue in several of yesterday’s postings on the fortieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade. After teaching for a good portion of the day, one of my young Jesuit colleagues who is studying philosophy here at Loyola University Chicago asked me to celebrate Mass and conduct an adoration hour for the students who will be going to Washington later this week and who will be participating in the March for Life and related events. I accepted the invitation, which is an honor for me. My confrere is the survivor of an unwanted pregnancy, and I understand why he is committed to proclaiming the pro-life message with objective reason and intelligence. He is talented, hard-working, and most productive. He is also a graduate of some of the most distinguished universities in the United States. He knows how close he came to being destroyed in his natural mother’s womb. In preparation for the Mass and adoration, he and I talked a little bit about how pro-abortion advocates assert the things that they do. I explained to him how their argument had switched from the privacy argument which was first made in the advocacy leading up to Roe to equality once the privacy argument failed.

I further explained that the equality argument also has its weaknesses and briefly explained an essay that I had written a few years ago [Download 45HousLRev] which examined the pro-abortion argument’s foundation on a misconception of equality. Since this essay relied upon an earlier essay of mine regarding the equality argument in general, I have also attached that essay here [Download 27QLR113].

Let us pray for our fifty-five million fellow Americans who were not so lucky as my young Jesuit brother. But let us also pray for those who think that privacy and equality arguments entitle them to destroy other fellow Americans.


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