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Monday, January 14, 2013

Bishop Flores on the Year of Faith

I had the pleasure last year of traveling to McAllen, Texas and speaking to a gathering of the clergy of the Diocese of Brownsville followed by lunch with their bishop, Daniel Flores. Bishop Flores has a wonderful blog post here reflecting on the Year of Faith and overcoming discouragement (an especially worthwhile lesson for those of us working in legal education today):  

In this Year of Faith, we must strengthen our own sense of the victory of life and the power of Christ to break through the mesmerizing effect, this fascination the world has with the morose. Jesus says, “I have overcome the world.” Like lightning on a cloudy night, the victory that God wins through the passion, death and resurrection of Christ the Lord is the break-through of the power of life into a world darkened by the aggressive power of death. We must be reconfirmed in our faith because we do sometimes get discouraged. That too is part of the power of death, it's power to discourage. It is important to cultivate our faith in the victory of Christ and to invite the the light of the Lord’s life and his victory of life to take greater possession of each one of us.

This gift of faith we have received is the only hope of the world; it breaks through the culture of death. Out culture desperately needs an infusion of faith in the goodness of life. In this context, we can hear the Lord speak these words, “Take care little flock for I have overcome the world,” for we are often afraid. Sometimes we think we are outnumbered, but numbers never matter with God. What matters is the conviction of his grace working through those who do believe.


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