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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"The Lord came to me. Made me holy. I'm a holy man."

Want a 10-minute advent time-out during this sometimes frantic shopping, decorating, exam-taking & grading season?  My brother sent me this clip about the powerful effect of music on residents of some nursing homes, narrated by the famed author & neurologist, Oliver Sachs.  Just watch the last resident, "Henry", offering one of the most beautiful renditions of "I'll be Home for Christmas" that I've heard this season (and I spend a lot of time shuttling around kids who insist on listening to the 24-hour Christmas music station these days).  What really got me, though, was Henry's reminder of the truth that should give us all comfort, at all times, but maybe especially in the days leading to Christmas:  "The Lord came to me.  Made me holy.  I'm a holy man."


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