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December 18, 2012

Peter Berger on Vatican II

"If a thoroughly malicious sociologist, bent on injuring the Catholic Church as much as possible, had been an adviser to the Church, he could hardly have done a better job."  Peter Berger, Homiletic and Pastoral Review (1979).

As it happens, perhaps the most influential adviser in the direction Berger laments was Msgr. Hannibal Bugnini, a flaming Freemason.   On how Freemasonic ideas combined with others to deform the Mass at and after Vatican II, see Michael Davies, Pope Paul's New Mass (Angelus Press, 1980).  On the influence of Freemasonry on the modern situation in general, see Living the Enlightenment: Freemasonry and Politics in Eighteenth-Century Europe (OUP, 1991) by  Margaret Jacob, Professor of the History of Science at UCLA.


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