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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Firearms and the Peace of Christ

In reviewing the posts and comments on MOJ and elsewhere on the question of what a Catholic position on regulation of firearms in the contemporary situation would look like, one thing -- the one thing necessary, in my view -- is consistently missing.  What hardly gets a mention is that Catholics are obligated, so the Church teaches, to seek to realize the peace of Christ in this fallen world.  And Catholics also believe, or they should believe, that the peace of Christ is possible only in the reign of Christ.  I'm not suggesting that it's especially helpful to approach this regulatory issue by asking "What would Jesus do?", but asking that question as a partial starting point wouldn't be an unhelpful corrective, either.  The end game here, so to speak, isn't, say, protecting the liberties enjoyed by Englishmen in 1688. The proximate end-game is a world blessed by social structures that reflect the Gospel, for that is the sort of culture that helps souls reach The One Who Matters. It is not in the least surprising that a nation that came into being thanks to muskets in revolution against a king who was no real tyrant cannot now think clearly about where guns belong.

As His birthday approaches, we might do well to recall that the Prince of Peace should be our guide and measure -- yes, even in public.


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