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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bruce Frohnen on the Election

Bruce Frohnen, who edited the excellent reference,The Encylopedia of American Conservativism, has posted a thoughtful reflection on the election on the "Imaginative Conservative" blog, under the title "How Little we have Lost." Here's a taste:

"It is far beyond time for conservative Americans—and Christians in particular—to put aside the distractions of mass politics for the tactile realities involved in building a decent life. We still need to vote and otherwise get involved, of course, but we need to remember what we are doing: hoping to prevent or mitigate the damage being done to us, not “taking back” a state apparatus that has long been used to reshape our society in unwholesome ways. We must come to recognize that the federal government, to its very core, has become hostile to our very way of life, not a violent oppressor, but nonetheless our adversary as we seek to raise our children, educating them in our faith, our morals, and our traditions. We must build neighborhoods, parishes and other religious and secular communities in which spiritual, intellectual and fundamentally moral lives are possible."


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