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Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Saints Day

From Nov. 1, 2006:

Happy All Saints Day!  Here's the Pope:

The indissoluble link between the Church and sainthood was remembered today by Benedict XVI in a quotation by Alessandro Manzoni. "Today," said the pope in the words of the author of the novel 'The Betrothed', "the Church is celebrating its dignity as mother of saints, the image of the supernal city," and added: "it manifests its beauty as the immaculate spouse of Christ, source and model of every saintliness." To explain the meaning underlying All Saints Day, celebrated this morning in the Vatican with a solemn mass, the pope chose to quote St Bernard. "Our saints," he said, using the words of the saint, "do not need our honours and nothing is granted them by our worship. I must confess that, when I think of the saints, I burn with grand desires." For the pope, this means looking "at the luminous example of the saints," to "reawaken in ourselves the grand desire for sainthood." "We are all called upon to follow a life as saints," said Pope Ratzinger, stressing that "to be a saint does not necessarily mean carrying out extraordinary actions and deeds, nor having some type of special charisma." But, he went on, "it is only necessary to serve Jesus, to listen to him and follow him without losing hear when faced with difficulties." .


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