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October 20, 2012

Endorsements and Theology

I am very disappointed in Rev. Billy Graham.  As a Catholic, I do not share all of his theology, but I have generally held him in high regard as a Christian leader.  If, as a matter of conscience, he has decided to endorse Governor Romney, that is fine.  If, as a matter of theology, he holds the conviction that Mormonism is a cult (a view he has publicly maintained for decades), that is his right.  However, hiding/denying the latter in order give greater credibility to the former strikes me as hypocritical. If this effective endorsement represents a shift in his theology, it would be far more meaningful to publish a statement indicating that Rev. Graham no longer believes that Mormonism is a cult. 


An archived version of the characterization of Mormonism as a cult, pulled from the Billy Graham website after it became obvious that it was in tension with the effective endorsement, may be found here...



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