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Monday, April 18, 2011

Palm Sunday Homily of Benedict XVI

 Pope Benedict XVI's Homily given at St. Peter's Squar World Youth Day yesterday reminded the faithful that this Holy Week we set off to follow Jesus "on pilgrimage along the high road that leads to God." It is a difficult and perilous journey.

The question of how man can attain the heights, becoming completely himself and completely like God, has always engaged mankind. It was passionately disputed by the Platonic philosophers of the third and fourth centuries. For them, the central issue was finding the means of purification which could free man from the heavy load weighing him down and thus enable him to ascend to the heights of his true being, to the heights of divinity. Saint Augustine, in his search for the right path, long sought guidance from those philosophies. But in the end he had to acknowledge that their answers were insufficient, their methods would not truly lead him to God. To those philosophers he said: recognize that human power and all these purifications are not enough to bring man in truth to the heights of the divine, to his own heights. And he added that he should have despaired of himself and human existence had he not found the One who accomplishes what we of ourselves cannot accomplish; the One who raises us up to the heights of God in spite of our wretchedness: Jesus Christ who from God came down to us and, in his crucified love, takes us by the hand and lifts us on high.

How timely is the topic of Christian Neo-Platonism, and especially St. Augustine's thought for thinking about Catholic legal theory.




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I think the best way to reach heights is to obey the commandments of GOD (ALLAH). This is the best way to succeed in this life and the life after this life..

Posted by: Data Room | Apr 18, 2011 2:41:16 PM

Some of the commandments of Allah are stoning women who don't completely cover their bodies and beheading those Christians who refuse to bow to Islam. I think those who obey those commandments will find the life after this life to be very very hot.

Posted by: Fr. J | Apr 19, 2011 7:12:36 PM